David Nunn is a composer based in London. His music is often immersive and minimal; it acts as escapism for the listener, and is characterised by textures which seem to revolve and rotate as if in a kaleidoscope. It is sometimes introspective; at other times it is joyous and chaotic. Through his music, he seeks to examine the subtleties of the world we inhabit, and to think on the intricacies of the relationships we have with each other in a world which is growing increasingly uneasy. 

His music has been performed internationally: in the UK, France, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and the USA. He has recently written for Psappha, The Hermes Experiment, Equinox Duo, and the New London Children’s Choir. David studied with Helen Grime at the Royal Academy of Music, having previously studied with Julian Anderson and Christian Mason.

If you would like to perform his music or commission a piece, please get in touch.

Download: CV (Jan 2020) Work list (Jan 2020)

upcoming performances

25 March 2021, Hallé St. Peters, Manchester


Claire Wild and musicians from Psappha

Commissioned by Psappha


— — —


postponed due to coronavirus:

The Goat and the Kid

New London Children's Choir

Commissioned by NLCC

Capel Suite

Alastair Watson, clarinet

David Nunn, piano

Commissioned by Alastair Watson

oh pristine example

St. John's Choir and live electronics

Commissioned by St. John's Choir


Equinox Duo: flute and harp

Commissioned by RCS

Credit: Carol Parris



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